Simply Pro: Set up the Slider, Widgets, & Comment Options

All steps are same in setting up your Simply Pro theme as the other FAQs except for your slider, widgets, and comment form options:

1. To set up your slider in Simply Pro, download & activate the Genesis Responsive Slider plugin.

Here’s our FAQ on downloading plug-ins:

Now, hover over Genesis in the Dashboard and select the option “Slider Settings.”

Configure the settings as you choose. I chose to display just the title on the Simply Pro theme demo and only show five slides. Set the dimensions to 1000 x 450 pixels. Here’s a screenshot of the settings I used:

Note: To have your post titles display in the slider just like the demo, make sure these are the settings you use (it’s the same as the above screenshot, just zoomed in on the content settings section- that bottom section):

Now, go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Genesis Responsive Slider widget to the Featured widget section.

To set your read more buttons, go to Genesis > Theme Settings and scroll down to this section and use these settings:

Curious how the Simply Pro slider works? See this FAQ (it’s the 2nd question down):

2. To set up your social media in your navigation bar, first download & activate the plugin “Simple Social Icons.”

Next, hover over Appearance in the Dashboard and select Widgets.

On the right hand side of your screen, you’ll see the available widget areas.

Here’s how to add widgets to your sidebar if you don’t know how:

3. Here’s what I added to my sidebar in the Simply Pro demo:

Add your Simple Social Icon widget to the top and it will automatically be styled as floating icons as seen in the demo.

4. To set up your footer widget and display your Instagram feed in the footer, drag a text widget to the Footer widget. Paste your SnapWidget* code and click save.

*Go to to create your footer widget. It’s super easy! Select how many images you’d like to show and make sure you select the responsive option.

5. To add these comment form features, install JetPack.

Now, go to JetPack > Settings. Click “configure” on the Subscriptions feature towards the bottom of the settings list.

Now, configure how you’d like it, but check these two boxes at the end of the page to have it display like the demo:

You did it! Everything else is set up the same as detailed in the other FAQs.