Add About Picture to Sidebar

To add an about picture to the sidebar, you have to first upload the image to “Media”. Navigate to Media > Add New and select your image from your computer. Once it’s added, click on the edit button next to the image and a lightbox will open. On the right, copy the image URL.

Next, navigate to Appearance > Widgets, and add a “Text” widget to the Primary Sidebar. In the Text widget, place the following text:

<img src=”YourImageUrl”>

Replace YourImageUrl with the URL that you already copied. The final code should look something like this:

Click Save and you’re done!

NOTE: If you have followed the instructions in my theme documentation on how to add a picture to your sidebar and it still isn’t working, delete the quotation marks and then type them in yourself. Sometimes, WordPress doesn’t want to ready copied and pasted quotation marks.