Gallery Pro: Importing Demo Content


You must install all of the plugins recommended for this theme before installing the demo content.

If you purchased this theme on Etsy, you should have received a separate folder labeled “ demo” with two files, demo.xml and widgets.wie as part of your purchase. You will use those files to import the demo content.

To import the demo content of this theme, look for the folder labeled “demo”. In there you will find two files: one for the demo content (demo.xml), and one for the widgets used in the theme (widgets.wie). In order to import the widgets used in the theme, install the following plugin:

Widget Importer & Exporter.

Then navigate to Tools > Import, and run the WordPress Importer. Choose the demo.xml file from the demo folder and click “upload file and import”.

Once that’s complete, you can go to Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter and import the widgets.wie file from the demo folder.

Make sure to assign the author and check the box that says “Download and import file attachments”.