Gallery Pro: Create and Display Galleries

The first step is to make sure that you have all of the necessary plugins required for this to work. Here is the list of recommended plugins.

To create a single gallery, like the one seen here, complete the following steps: 

1. Create a new portfolio item from the side navigation in your WordPress Dashboard. 

2. Assuming you have images that are available for your galleries, you can click "add media". 

3. Next, click "create gallery" and select the images that you want in your gallery. You may also upload images at this time if you need to. 

4. Click "Create a new gallery" and configure the settings like you want. If you want the images to open in a lightbox, you must select the "media file" as the link option. From there you can set the columns, random order, and size.

If you are having issues displaying your galleries in a nice grid, be sure to check the JMIG settings under Settings in WordPress. Here is a screenshot of the settings used in the Gallery Pro demo: 

Gallery Page

To create a gallery page, like the one seen  here, complete the following steps: 

1. Create a new page and set the page template to "index". 

2. Go to appearance > Widgets and add the Featured Custom Post Types for Genesis widget to the "index page" widget area. 

3. Configure the settings to your liking! Here is how they are set up in Gallery Pro: