Showcase Pro: Adding a Logo

Showcase version 2.0.1 fixes an issue where the header area became white when a header was uploaded. Now you can upload a dark version of your logo, and then override it with a lighter version for the pages where a page-header is visible!

Here are the steps to achieving this effect. 

First you will need to upload your "light logo" to the Customizer to display the light version on the home page.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize.
  2. Select Header Image. The recommended size is 450px by 150px.
  3. Upload your Light Logo and then Publish.

Next you will need to modify your stylesheet to include your logo images via CSS.

Option 1:

Option 1 is the most simple and involves overwriting the pre-existing logo files in the image folder. 

1. Open your theme files through an FTP client like  Filezilla or Cyberduck

2. Navigate to the Showcase Pro images folder. 

3. Replace "logo_light.png" with the version of the logo that will be on top of the page header. Replace "logo_dark.png" with the dark version of the logo, which will be on a white background. NOTE: the logo dimensions should be 400px by 150px.

4. Refresh and you should be good to go!

Option 2:

If you don't have an FTP client or feel comfortable with that method, here is how to do it more manually. 

1. Within WordPress, navigate to Appearance > Header and upload the version of the logo that looks best on a white background. At first, it might seem odd since it's a dark logo on the page header!

2. Upload the light version of the logo to the Media Library by going to Media > Add New and uploading the logo. 

3. Copy the URL of the newly uploaded light version of the logo. 

4. Navigate to Appearance > Editor and search within this page for "body.with-page-header.header-image:not(.header-scroll) .site-title a". Here is what you should see:

5. Replace the URL "images/logo_light.png" with the URL that you have just copied.

6. Save and you're all set