Boss Pro: Creating a Contact Page

The Boss Pro theme uses   Ninja Forms, and open source plugin which is free to use and comes highly recommend by StudioPress.

To add a contact form to your site, create/edit a page, then:

  1. Click "Add Form"
  2. Select your desired form from the drop-down, and click "Insert"
  3. Ninja form short code will automatically display once "Insert" is clicked
  4. Click "Update" (or Publish if it is a new page)

(Right click on the image to open in a new tab, for ease of viewing)

The settings for the form (to determine which fields display on your contact page) are controlled by going to your WordPress Dashboard > Ninja Forms > Dashboard > select your desired form, then clicking on the blue settings (gear) button, as shown in screenshot below:

The settings can be configured to your needs. The Boss Pro theme demo has the following settings:

Name Field:

Email Field:

Message Field:

Submit Field:

The Advanced Field Settings are displayed below:

Be sure to Click Done or Publish as you update each field.