Rustic: Front Page Widgets

Here's a video going over the front page widget areas:

You have two front page widget areas:

1. Front Page Hero (that big picture at the top of your homepage)

2. Front Page Content (this is where we will add a bunch of widgets to customize your homepage)

Tip: Upload this .wie file  so you don't have to set-up each one yourself! Use this plugin to upload the .wie file (all the demo widget content).

Go to Appearance > Widgets to see these widget areas:

  1. For the Front Page Hero widget area:
    Add a text widget that says this (include the h1 tags) in the text, not visual editor of the text widget. Copy and paste this below into your text widget:

    <h1>It does not matter how long it takes as long as you do not stop</h1>

Tip: Or, go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Front Page Hero > Open up the Text widget and edit the text there if you've imported the demo content!

2. Now, to set the image background, go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Hero Image. Upload an image at the recommended size of 1600 x 800px.

2. For the rest of the Front Page Content, go to Appearance > Widgets again and open up the Front Page Content widget area. 

Here's what we have in the demo. I will walk you through the settings of each one above in the video. You simply stack whatever widgets you want and Rustic will automatically fix the placement!! 

Tip: Upload this .wie file  so you don't have to set-up each one yourself! Use this plugin to upload the .wie file (all the demo widget content).

  Here's the settings for each home page widget:

1. Email Subscribe: Here's a blog post from our blog on how to connect your form code from MailChimp and ConvertKit. It will show you how to add a form action in place of the # below. See below settings:

2. Bloom Featured Image & Content (the "What do you want to do with your life?" part on the demo). 

Tip: The overlaid image is one single image that we created.

Tip: For the image URL, upload the image you want in your media library (go to Media > Add New). Once it's uploaded, click on the image and copy the Image URL. See below:

3. Bloom Image and Featured Content: Brand Story

4. Genesis Featured Posts: Add two of these!

5. Bloom Image + Featured Content: This is the shopping links on the demo.

6. Bloom Content Columns: This is the split content with a call-to-action button.