Rustic: Sidebar

Primary Sidebar:

To set up your sidebar, go to Appearance > Widgets and add any widget of your choice to the sidebar widget area. Customize as your please. Below are the settings we used for Rustic. Drag and drop any widget to the primary sidebar widget area. 

Tip: To find a new widget, go to Plugins > Add New. Search for a widget then install and activate it. It will then show up in the below available widgets that you can then drag and drop to the primary sidebar widget area.

  • The Primary Sidebar in the demo displays the following widgets:
  • Text widget (displaying an image)
  • Navigation Menu widget
  • Simple Social Icons
  • Text widget (displaying a "Shop my Post" feed)
  • Text widget (displaying an image, clickable to a subscription page/link)
  • Text widget (with a little "about" blurb)

The settings for each of the widgets are shown below.

Tip: To display the first image, navigation menu, and simple social icons on a pink background, add the CSS class of "highlight" to each of these widgets, as seen below. To display the image without a border, add the CSS class of "image " to that widget, as seen below.

NOTE: All settings in your Simple Social Icons widget must match in order to see any changes you make to the settings (i.e. if you want to make the icons smaller, you have to change the settings in the sidebar widget AND in your social media menu widget area AND in your footer widget area).