Showcase Pro: Adding Team Members

If you're using Showcase 2.0, the team custom post type was removed in favor of a simpler, more flexible method. The instructions for adding team members the old way is below this post To create the team members as it's done in the Showcase Pro demo. Follow these instructions: 

1. Create a page called "team" and publish. This page will be the parent to all of the other pages. We are also going to need the ID of this page. So when you publish the page, the URL in the browser will refresh and give you an ID number. Here is an example:

2. Create a new page for your first team member. The title of the post will be the name of the team member, the featured image will be the headshot, and the content of the page will be the bio on the single page view. 

3. Set the parent of this page to the "team" page, which was just created. 

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for as many team members as you want!

5. To add the team members, you will use a shortcode called "entry-grid" to display the pages in a grid format. If you want to add the team members to the "team" page, then go back to the "team" page and add the following shortcode to the page content: 


Note: the "team" page in the Showcase Pro demo also has a Custom Body Class called "full", which makes the content be 100% across. To add that class, scroll down to the Layout options and add "full" to the Custom Body Class input. 

6. To add team members to a text widget area, go to Appearance > Widgets and add a text widget to the Front Page 5 widget area. Then add the following shortcode: 

[entry-grid id="410"]

NOTE: you must add the ID of the parent page of the team members page in order for only those pages to show up. 

You must also add a featured image for the grid to work as well. If no featured image is added then the page will not show up in the grid. 

Why is this way to set up the team members?

The primary reason is to give you the opportunity to have a flexible setup. Some people wanted books instead of team members, or a portfolio. Now, you can simply rename the parent page and it will update the URL. So you can use this method to create a portfolio, or grid of books, or really any content you want. And you can have complete control over the URL structure.

Pre-Showcase 2.0 Instructions

To add a team member, go to your dashboard and navigate to Team > Add New.

The title of the post will be the team member name, the featured image will be the headshot, and the body of the post will be the body of the team member bio. The ideal size for the team member headshot is 1920 x 1280px. This way it will show up nicely in the page header area on single team member pages.

To have your team members display on a page, such as your About page, simply select the Team template from the template options for that page. Team members will then automatically display at the bottom of that page and you can add content above it.

To have your team display in a widget area, go to Appearance > Widgets. Drag the “Showcase Team Grid” to the Front Page 4 widget area. Here are the settings I used for the demo:

For more information on setting up the front page widget areas, please see this page.