Maker Pro: Page Templates

There are 5 page templates built into Maker Pro for you to use. When adding a new page, on the right hand side, there is a drop down labeled “Template.” Click on it to display the five page template options. See lower right hand corner of the screenshot.

  • The Default template displays a regular page with your sidebar. You can also change the layout settings to have the sidebar on the right or left, or full width.
  • The Archive template displays your site map in a listed order of links.
  • The Blog template displays your blog.
  • The Full Width template is not to be confused with the full-width layout option. This page template will make your content spread from one side to the other, whereas the full-width layout option constrains your content to a certain width. This template is ideal for pages that have more layout needs like columns, etc…
  • The Landing page template removes the header, footer and many other elements to reveal a very minimal page.