Maker Pro: Portfolio Setup

Maker Pro comes pre-styled for the Genesis Portfolio Pro plugin. You will need to install that plugin in order to have a portfolio.

Add portfolio Items

Adding portfolio items is just like adding a post or a page. Navigate to Portfolio Items > Add New. Then fill out the page how you would like. The title of the portfolio item will be what’s displayed on the grid of portfolio items. The featured image will be the default thumbnail that is displayed in the portfolio grid.

Setting up the portfolio page

To setup your portfolio archive settings, you can navigate to Portfolio Items > Archive Settings. There you will see the options for the archive headline and archive intro text. To add the portfolio page to your site, you will need to create a custom link in the menu. Go to Appearance > Menus, find Custom Links, an option on the left for adding pages and add your site URL with /portfolio, like so:

Click Add to Menu and you’re good to go!