Theme Install Tips

Here are a few things to check:

-Make sure you are uploading the .zip files (sometimes computers will automatically unzip when you download them- if so, re-zip them)- I think this is your problem!

-Upload the file (this will be labeled,, etc. depending on which theme you bought) and activate it

-If you have uploaded the theme a couple of times and it has renamed it to, it also will not work. You need to delete the multiple copies and upload the original one- the one.

-If you already have another theme installed that is the same name as the Bloom Blog Shop theme (e.g.: Lovely, Deco, or Marble), you’ll have to delete it before uploading this new theme or else it won’t work.

-Make sure you are NOT using Custom themes don’t work with sites- only self-hosted sites as stated in all my theme descriptions 🙂

TIP: How do I re-zip the theme files if my computer unzipped them automatically?

On a mac, right click and select the compress option. On any other computer, please google how to.