Set Up Menu

Once you have added pages to your website, you have to create a new menu and add the pages that you would like to show up. Navigate to Appearance > Menus and click “create a new menu”.

Enter the name of your new menu, add the pages you would like from the left side. To add a page to your menu, select the page from the left side and then click “Add to Menu”.

Once you have created your menu, you must assign it to a location. Check the box that says “Primary Menu.”

To create a sub menu, select the page/category you’d like to add and then drag it to an indented position under whatever menu item you’d like. It’ll “snap” into place and look like this:

To create a Categories drop-down, follow the steps above but first add a custom link called “Categories” to your menu. This is located on the left hand side of your menu page. For the link, add a # in that area. Click “Add to Menu.”

Now, drag your categories to an indented position below the Categories link like this: