Luxe Theme: Setup Slider and Widget Areas

There are 4 widget areas built into the Luxe theme: Featured, Social Media Menu, Between Posts, and Footer. Here’s how to set them up like the demo:

1. Featured: Under Plugins > Add New, install the Meta Slider plugin. Activate it.
    Go to your Dashboard > Meta Slider and create your slider.

Make sure you name the slider (upper left hand corner of screenshot). Add slides by clicking Add Slide. Hover over the image and a trash icon will appear to delete a slide. Simply drag and drop them into your desired order. Add a caption in the caption box for a title to appear on your slide. Add a link in the URL box to post/ page or leave it blank if you don’t want the slide to link anywhere.

Use these settings and click save.

Now, go to Appearance > Widgets. Drag the Meta Slider widget (the widgets are listed alphabetically- it’s about half way down the list) to the Featured widget section. Select your slider’s name and save. You’re done!

2. Social Media Menu: Under Plugins > Add New, install the Simple Social Icons widget. Activate it.

Under Appearance > Widgets, drag your Simple Social Icons widget to the Social Media Menu widget area. Configure as you please. I used font size 23px because I like them tiny 🙂

NOTE: All settings in your Simple Social Icons widget must match in order to see any changes you make to the settings (i.e. if you want to make the icons smaller, you have to change the settings in the sidebar widget AND in your social media menu widget area AND in your footer widget area)

3. Between Posts: You can choose to display whatever widget you’d like here. JetPack Blog Subscriptions, a text widget, etc. would all look great. For the demo, I downloaded and activated the Recent Posts Extended widget.

Under Appearance > Widgets, drag your Recent Posts Extended widget to the Between Posts widget area. Configure as you please. Here’s the settings I used:

4. Footer: drag the simple social icons to this widget as well- configure as you please.

To display your Instagram feed in the footer, drag a text widget to the Footer widget. Paste your SnapWidget* code and click save.

*Go to to create your footer widget. It’s super easy! Select how many images you’d like to show and make sure you select the responsive option.