Share Buttons & Comment Form Subscriptions

To add share buttons to the bottom of your posts, install JetPack. Go to JetPack > Settings. Click “configure” on the Sharing feature in the middle of the settings list. Or, go to Engagement and set-up sharing, if you have the newer version of JetPack.

Scroll down to the “Sharing Buttons” section. Drag the buttons from the Available Service section to the Enabled Services section. This is what it will look after you’ve dragged these 4 down:

Now, select these options to match the demo:

To add these comment form features (displayed under your comment form), again make sure you have installed JetPack.

Now, go to JetPack > Settings. Click “configure” on the Subscriptions feature towards the bottom of the settings list.

Now, configure how you’d like it, but check these two boxes at the end of the page to have it display like the demo: