Buttons on Landing Page

To add three buttons on your landing page (as seen in the demo), simple copy and paste this code to your landing page. Make sure you are editing the page in the text editor tab, not visual.

Here’s the code to add:

<div class=”one-third first”><a href=”#” class=”button full-width tall”>About</a></div>
<div class=”one-third”><a href=”#” class=”button full-width tall”>Blog</a></div>
<div class=”one-third”><a href=”#” class=”button full-width tall”>Shop</a></div>

Add it wherever you’d like:

Please note:

If the buttons aren’t showing after you’ve pasted the code, delete the quotation marks and then re-type them in yourself (so they aren’t copied and pasted). Sometimes,  WordPress doesn’t read pasted quotation marks.

Now, in the code, you’ll see “#” , replace the # with the link to the page you want your button to link to. Do NOT delete the quotation marks.

Where you see the words About, Blog, and Shop, replace these with whatever words you’d like your buttons to say.